Getting Started Guide
for Organizations

Understanding MinistryMatch for Organizations

The MinistryMatch suite of apps consists of some of the most comprehensive tools for churches and other Christian ministries available. The MinistryMatch suite offers tools to aid any church or ministry organization in assessing the effectiveness of the placement of individuals within ministry.

Three tools are offered to help Christian ministries maximize the overall impact in ministry. While two of these tools maximize any Christian ministry’s effective use of MinistryMatchPro and MinistryMatchLaity, the third tool provides the local church an assessment of its ministry:

  1. MinistryMatchReports is a free cloud-based application available to all organizations with an account on the MinistryMatch site. This free app provides organizations the ability to view and print the MinistryMatchPro and MinistryMatchLaity reports of individuals who have given the Organization permission to do so. A church or ministry organization may create an account on the MinistryMatch site by clicking Register>Organization and completing the account profile.
  2. MinistryConnect is a powerful cloud-based application that extends the features of MinistryMatchReports. The results of MinistryMatchPro and MinistryMatchLaity are leveraged to automate the best-fit matching of individuals to ministry positions and ministry positions to individuals.
  3. Church Effectiveness Survey provides a detailed picture of a church's demographics, spiritual makeup, and perceived and actual effectiveness as a disciple making entity.

Why setup an Organization Account

Organizations with an account on the MinistryMatch site may purchase licenses for any of the MinistryMatch suite of applications. Purchased MinistryMatchPro and MinistryMatchLaity licenses may be distributed to individuals in the ministry or to candidates pursuing opportunities within the ministry. With the purchase of any license, the Organization will receive an email containing instructions and License Codes for the apps purchased. These License Codes can then be distributed by the Organization to individuals to complete MinistryMatch Assessment. The individuals’ reports will then be available for review on the Organization's MinistryMatch account.

With your Organization Account, you will be able to:

  • Order blocks of MinistryMatch licenses for distribution to and use by those in your church or organization.
  • View online MinistryMatch profiles of individuals who select your church/organization for release of their results.
  • Download MinistryMatch profiles of individuals who authorizes your church/organization to view their MinistryMatch results.
  • Purchase any of the MinistryMatch suite of applications online.

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How to setup an Organization Account

To establish an Organization Account on the MinistryMatch site, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Register > Organization:
  2. Complete the Account Profile form:
  3. Click Create Account.

You will receive an onscreen message that the account has been created successfully and you will receive a welcome email at the address that you provided in the profile.

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Ordering applications in the MinistryMatch suite

To order licenses for the cloud-based MinistryMatch suite of applications, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website at and sign in to your
    Organization Account by clicking Sign-In>Organization:
  2. Enter your credtials and click SignIn
  3. Once signed in, click Purchase in the menu:
  4. Enter the quantities desired, and click Buy Now.

You will receive an email with instructions on the next steps and a list of all the License Codes for the purchased apps. The assigned License Codes will also be available via on your Organizations account.

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The Organization and the MinistryMatch Assessment

Many thousands of churches across America and the world are using MinistryMatchPro and MinistryMatchLaity to significantly enhance their ministry.

  1. Many churches and other ministry organizations use MinistryMatchPro and a brief consultation to tune ministry positions to better fit their staff.
  2. Many use the MinistryMatch Assessments with their staff and board members to build stronger teams, and foster an atmosphere of cooperation instead of conflict.
  3. Many use MinistryMatchPro in the staff search process to ensure they find and place the right person in the right place at the right time.
  4. But the greatest use of MinistryMatchLaity for churches is in the internal selection of laity. The church will first require their board members and committee members to complete the MinistryMatchLaity assessment. Finally, over a period of one to two years, the church will have every attender complete MinistryMatchLaity. During this time, the church staff will develop definitions for ministry positions using MinistryConnect. The church will then be set to experience a new level of effective recruitment that they have never known by connecting the right person to the right ministry!

MinistryMatchPro and MinistryMatchLaity licenses purchased by the Organization

Once your ministry has ordered blocks of MinistryMatch Assessments, you will receive an email containing the new license codes assigned to your account for those apps. Please save a copy for your records and distribution. You may record your assignment of these license codes by logging into to your Organization Account. We suggest you give the MinistryMatch license codes to individual candidates with the following or similar instructions.

To take the MinistryMatch:
  1. Go to, and
  2. Click HOW TO GET STARTED under the For Individuals box and follow the instructions on that page

MinistryMatch Assessment Reports released to the Organization

Once individuals have competed the MinistryMatch Assessment (and added your the Organization to their authorized list if you did not provide the License Code to them), you may view their results by signing into your Organization Account and clicking Personnel in the menu.

There are two reports for each individual:

  1. Summary Report – Provides a summary report for use by an evaluator in counseling or comparing individuals. Pie charts show how the individual sees themseleve with respect to each construct. The comparison of the individual to all others who have taken the MinistryMatchPro or MinistryMatchLaity respectively is presented as bar charts.
  2. Interpreted Detailed Report – This is primarily intended for use by the individual as it provides a 32-page detailed explanation of all the constructs related to their results.

MinistryMatchReports vs MinistryConnect

MinistryMatchReports is an account for organizations that provides the ability to view and print MinistryMatchPro and MinistryMatchLaity reports for individuals who have given the Organization permission to do so. The Organization's evaluators can review the printed or displayed reports of the individuals to determine if they are a fit to a ministry.

MinistryConnect has been designed to assist churches and organizations in the utilization of MinistryMatchPro and MinistryMatchLaity to improve choices and save time in matching leaders with ministries that fit the way God created those individuals. It provides a simple and powerful way to manage data, and to match individuals and ministry positions with the touch of a button. Your church, denomination, or organization can access the results for each person in your ministry that has either taken MinistryMatchPro and MinistryMatchLaity or has granted you access to their results. There is no limit to the number of individuals that can be included.

Click here to discover all the features and benefits of MinistryConnect, or here to review guide on how to use MinistryConnect.

Church Effectiveness Survey

The Church Effectiveness Survey provides a detailed picture of a church's internal demographics, spiritual makeup, and perceived and actual effectiveness as a disciple making entity.

One of the major responsibilities of Church leaders and staff is to shepherd the flock. The Bible tells us that "The Good Shepherd knows His sheep." The Church Effectiveness Survey provides the tools for you to do this effectively. The purpose of this survey is:

  1. To give an accurate picture of the congregation.
  2. To understand the congregation's preferences in ministry.
  3. To provide accurate information to help you evaluate any needed improvements or adjustments in ministry

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